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shearing alpaca, illinois
Jamie Shearing
Handwoven Alpaca Jacket


From shearing our own alpacas to the final product everything is done on the farm.  The fiber is cleaned and processed by hand and spun into yarn, used for felting, and weaving clothing, handbags and saddle blankets.



We love our  alpacas and want everyone to enjoy their  wonderful fiber through clothing and various items made from it.

Frosty my blue eyed boy.

                                   Alpaca is hypoallergenic, lightweight yet durable and warm as well as having great moisture wicking properties.


                                                                            Growing is part of it

Early in the greenhouse.

We also have a greenhouse operation that provides bedding plants hanging baskets and potted containers to our wholesale customers and local farmers market.

We welcome new customers and urge you to contact us here.

We grow a large percentage of our plants from seed and use plugs and unrooted  plants to finish out . Early in the spring  you can find us starting the “babies” in the nice warm germination tent then transplanting as they are moved out.  Our plants are grown with love and hard work.






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Fresh From The Garden


Gardening 2 to 3 acres,  provides us with the vegetables needed to can our own food and still be able to enjoy fresh out of the garden meals all summer.


Long Rows!







                                                                                       We  strive to be as self sufficient and organic as possible.


Rosie the cow produces milk for drinking, and  making cheese and butter.            

Fresh Milk







Beekeeping is Marks hobby.   His bees provide us with fresh honey all year long. 

Mark Installing A 3# Swarm


Lots of fields need baled to feed the livestock.                                                                                         Lilly and Trouble are great guard donkeys .

Lilly and Trouble, our two guardians.
Some Of The Hay Fields