Greenhouse Info

Wholesale and Retail Services

With combined years, we offer over 45 years of greenhouse and growing experience!

Our greenhouses are located on the farm and are maned with a minimal staff. We often use volunteer workers who are interested in learning how to start seeds and follow through to the final product.

We start approximately 75% of our plants from seed in late December to early January and our season peak time is Mothers Day.

We grow a large variety of garden vegetables in 4 packs as well as. 4 pack flowers, 4″ pots ( flowers), hanging baskets and combination pots for patios and decks.

Our main sales are to wholesale customers for their garden centers and shops. We provide plants to retailers at this time up to 150 miles away.

We are always looking for new clients that would love to sell our plants in their stores!!

Find our list of available plants at the bottom of the page and let us know if we can add you to our directory of wonderful customers.